Friday, March 25, 2011

Straw Painting

Okay so today after a normal routine stuff we had some great paint fun! We did straw painting! AR loved it but got REALLY tired since it required a lot of facial muscles for blowing in the sttraw reall hard to get the paint to spread.  It was a very creative type of painting and of course lots of fun He was very fascinated by how the colors were blending. He then suggested if we could use a dark color paper and use white paint...I added some purple to it too...It turned out beautiful! Definitely a keeper! My friend suggested on getting the keepers laminated...I am really considering that since he really enjoys painting and paints.

After the colors were all dried! I love it! Such a master piece!

After the kids went to my "ME" time I pulled out my canvas paper and did the straw painting myself. I have always really enjoyed painting so it was a lot of fun after a LONG time! Alhumdulillah!

Mama's Masterpiece. Doing this reminded me old times!

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