Friday, March 4, 2011

Signs of independence

Learning to be Independent!

The best what to teach kids something is to watch for there readiness. When we push kids to do things two things are most likely to happen, (1) they will lose interest in learning and (2) they will feel over stressed and frustrated because they might not be physically/emotionally or even mentally ready for learning that thing.

It could be anything...potty training, brushing their own teeth, eating on their own, wearing their clothes or shoes!

As parents we are constantly learning (and should be) about ourselves and these beautiful kids Allah subhanahu has given us.

Alhumdulillah AR is almost 4 and recently he has been wanting to get OLD!! so anytime I am trying to help him he simple refuses and says "I can do it! I am getting older now".

Lately he was showing a LOT of interest in dressing himself...(I would sometimes help him dress himself up but he was just never interested!). So I took this a great opportunity to help him get independent. Here is what I did...

I gave him some basic instructions, such as the tag at the back and stuff... and then I lay the clothes in order he should wear them. I make sure i do it right to left and I tell him that its a sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (saw) to start on your right. Note: the first two days I put the clothes from my right!! (so this picture is old). Now I put them from HIS right since he sits on the bed to wear the clothes.

Alhumdulillah in one week he learned how to wear his clothes...he gets his arm stuck sometimes but most of the times he is can do it. For some people 4 might be too late for a child to learn how to wear his own clothes! but for AR it was the right time!

 We got him a pair of Velcro shoes so he can wear his own shoes too and Alhumdulillah he got a good hang of it now... We just have to tell him 5 minutes before leaving to put his shoes on, he will be ready at the door!

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