Monday, March 7, 2011

Adam (a.s)

So we started off with Adam (a.s). Here are the things we covered.

1.    Read Adam (a.s) story books (we have 2 from Darussalam)

2.    5 Questions

  • Who was the first human Allah (swt) created?
    • Adam (a.s)
  • What did Allah (swt) make Adam (a.s) from?
    • Clay
  • What did Allah (swt) teach him?
    • Names of everything (I used the Ayah as well from Surah al-Baqarah
  • Who did not do sajjdah to Adam (a.s)
    • Iblees
  • Who is Ibees?
    • Shaitan
  • What did Allah (swt) made shaitan from?
    • Fire
  • Who was Adam (a.s) wife?
    • Hawa (a.s)
  • Where did they live?
    • In Jannah
  • What did shaitan do?
    • He made them disobey Allah, and took them out of Jannah.
  • Where was their new home?
    • On the earth.
  • What did Adam (a.s) do after he made a mistake by listening to shaitan?
    • He did Tawbah (asked Allah to forgive him and his wife)
  • Did Allah (swt) for give them?
    • Yes, Allah is Ghafurur-Raheem. He forgives everyone who repents to him sincerely (explained sincerely)
  • Who is our GREATEST enemy?
    • Shaitan
3.   Watched the Habeel and Kabeel Youtube video

4.   Listened and read some ayat from the Quran that covered the story of Adam (a.s)
    • Important note: I did not force him to read or listen. He read until he didnt want to read anymore and then I just read the rest trying to make sure he could hear me.

5. Craft

  • For the craft I want to keep it to something related to the story we are doing. So for this we worked with clay and talked about different types of clay and how Allah (swt) has made us with clay. 
  • We made a Hand print in clay for AR. I had been wanting to make this for keepsake for a really long time, this worked as a good opportunity.
  • We also made a small car, since AR loves cars.

AR chose this color although I did not like it but I let him tell me how he wanted it. In his room most of his things are olive still has a green hue!! He did most of the work, but the things that he was not able to do I helped him with them or guided him to do them. 

He wanted to add a white hand print. I still have to make our daughters, InshaAllah when I do that I will post pictures of it as well.

Please do advice for any thing we can add/change/subtarct for next time.

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