Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Homemade play-dough dye

Forest berries (color and smell), turmeric with mango essence, green tea leaves and beet root.

Yesterday I was boiling beetroot for my daughter to eat. Since I was young I use to love the beautiful color of beetroot. So, while it was boiling I thought why not use this water to make PLAY-DOUGH! it would make a like a natural food dye. So I followed the play-dough recipe and made the play-dough. It turn out awesome! It gave the the play-dough elegant twist! I also added rose water to make it smell pleasant.

Beetroot...SubhanAllah... isn't the color just sooo AMAZING!! NO artificial dye could be compared to this!!

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After this I wanted to see if I could come up with more natural dyes. I could only think of Turmeric and strawberries. So I went on the net and guess what I found!! this awesome blog "Mini Eco" she has the most amazing ideas! She has a fuzzy experiment that I had posted about earlier as well (with better illustrations of-course). I am in love with her ideas (Allah yahdeehaa), can't wait to try them. I really enjoy Eco-friendly and toxic free things for the house and kids

Go check out the blog!

Please share any ideas you may have!

NOTE: in her recipe she says to cool the dye water, I poured it hot into the dry ingredients, it turned out great...make sure to knead it well.

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