Friday, February 19, 2016

Autoshow Doha Qatar 2016

Kids and I had a fun field trip to the Doha Autoshow 2016 and we really enjoyed. I am not a car crazy person, and nor do I  know much about them. So I handed the group leadership to AR, who gave us an awesome tour of the Autoshow and was a phenomenally patient guide.

It was a fun day Alhumdulillah and we really enjoyed and learned a lot. Really, we did! AR didn't just help us increase our knowledge about cars but I was amazed at how patiently he was explaining all the details to me and his sister. He taught me the real meaning of patience when teaching, MashaAllah. Oh and he literally interviewed every representer of each company/brand.

I feel children have much to offer and teach us if they are given the chance too and if we observe mindfully. Sadly though very so often we fail to do that.

Let's try to be more mindful parents!

Alhumdullilah had a wonderful time.

Interviewing the representer!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Homestudy: Calligraphy

I have always enjoyed calligraphy, both arabic and english. I have this vision / passion /wish / desire  to have my kids enjoy the beauty of this art.

I first did calligraphy at Alhuda Canada as a student and completely fell in love with it and from there I explored it more and took a few in-person courses and online course by Omar Uddin.

The good thing about the online course is I will always have access to it so inshallah in the future my kids can also benefit from it.

Recently though I had the opportunity to take in person Calligraphy classes from an expert an Arabic Calligrapher here in Doha Qatar.

Purpose of sharing this is my hope and desire to inspire and help other moms who want to learn a new skills and tell them you  can do it! 

"Share the Khair" as a dear friend put it. Usually, I don't like talking about what I have studied/studying or what courses I have done/doing, but recently I have been feeling a need to do so to help other mothers see and reach their highest potential. If we put our minds to something and work hard with it, we can do more than we think we can. We gave birth! didn't we? So we can move mountains as well. As a matter of fact most of you already are! You are raising wonderful children interested by The All Mighty especially chosen to be under your tender and loving care. I often say the above as affirmation to myself, and yes, positive self talk has great benefit and we can keep that discussion for another time inshaAllah. I encourage you to do that the same, because sometimes we are not surrounded by the most encouraging people. And many times we are blessed with such company.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Book Review: The Content of Character Copybook Ethical Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad just came out with their new edition

"The Content of the Character" is a Hadeeth (sayings of Muhammad peace and blessing be upon him) compilation which is translated by Shaykh Hamza. It is phenomenal in many ways, its a book children can use to memorize, read and write Hadeeth in arabic and english that will help shape thier character, inshaAllah. The best part is that not just the kids but even I have benefitted very much  from the book by using it as calligraphy practice. This book is also a part of Kinza Academy Curriculum (now known as Education Revisited) by Elizabeth Hanson. 

The only thing I would like different in their future editions would be, if they could use a different and more child friendly binding, to make the book easier to use.

Sample from inside the book
We don't write inside the book we use separate paper to write on, so we can use the book in the future. I love this because we can sit together and take one hadeeth per week or two and actually focus on memorizing, sing it, writing it and most of all encourage each other to put the knowledge into action.