Friday, March 4, 2011

Sadaqah Jar!

We have been doing this Sadaqah jar activity with AR for almost two years now. Alhumdulillah. Although its a bit difficult to have change here because (1) they don't have change (2) normally its the men who pay at the counters.

This is my husbands task to give him change and money to put in the sadaqah jar at least 5 times a week, especially yawm ul Jummah. We try to make him give it to someone in person whenever we see someone outside "asking" (I don't like the word begging). That also gives us as a family to talk about all the blessings Allaah (swt) has given us and how some people don't even have money to buy food and clothing!.

When we moved to Saudi I had a cute little kids bowl that we would collect sadaqah in. When it broke I made one from taping a nesquick box shut, and cutting a hole on the top with a HOT knife.

This is what it looked like after we covered it.

NOW, after we had worked with clay for Adam (a.s) story... he really enjoyed it. He really wants to do another craft project with it. I told him that we can make our own "Sadaqah Jar"! So Here it is...

We didn't enjoy working with this clay! It was tooo much mess, Jovi's white air drying clay works great!

He really wanted a CAR... which was literally impossible for me to make. I did not want him to feel disappointed so we tried the car for a little while and when it didn't work he compromised on a BALL which we would put car stickers on. Alhumdulillah it was nice... InshaAllah next time we can try to make a bigger one with more clay. 

I wanted to add something more to teaching him about the "Giving in the Path of Allah". So, we read a book "Helping the poor" and inshaAllah next I want to do a hadeeth with him.

Any other suggestions.

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