Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lessons from life

I always find such simple yet profound wisdom and truth in these words of Ronald Russell. It's something I want to reproduce and hang in our home as a constant reminder.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Product review: Substance - Nappy Rash Onitment


This post is mainly inspired by my life revolving around a baby these days. Its about a product I have been using for about 4 years now, and really feel I need to share its immense benefits we have had. Its like the only baby skin care  product I carry in my diaper bag. 

It works great for almost everything! I have used it for the kids on cuts, diaper rashes, sunburns, burns, mosquito bites, dry skin, irritation my daughter gets in her private because of swimming and for her . It is the only product we used on our son when he got circumcised . If you are like me and love good smelling things, you will simply love the way it smells.

It is however a bit on the expensive end but the way it works is a little goes a looong way. I have only bought it 2 times in over 4 years and still have enough to inshaa Allah last this whole year or more.

- We ask You O Allaah to protect our families for any evil in this World and the Hereafter, and to make them great thinkers and make us of those who fear You due to knowledge. Ameen.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Organic versus conventional food

A few weeks ago AR asked me "Mama what is the difference between organic and not-organic?" before going to bed. So I told him we learn about it tomorrow inshaa-Allah. So At night I looked up some simplified information that a 6 years old can understand. I knew and had a lot of resources and information but but not at a child's level. I didn't want to give him unnecessary information that he doesn't  need to know at his age. Of course some things are necessary and need to be known.a

Here is what we found for kids to learn about their food, where its coming from and what are our alternatives.

We read these 2 books Meet Pauly and Organic Farming. Alhumdulillah since it is getting slightly warmer here now we prepared our organic seeds for planting in our good soil. We also watched the following Youtube videos.

What is Organic?

Epipheo TV - What is organic? Fresh versus Processed
(I love Epipheo TV videos)

Organic in Ontario Canada

11 year old organic food activist 

Jamie Oliver

What Farmers can use instead of Chemical sprays

A day in the life of a farmer

 Potato Experiment 

We watched these two documentaries Home and Food inc. There are many more but for his age these were enough, even these I supervised and skipped some parts. Inshaa-Allah as the weather gets warmer we will be visiting and doing some hands on learning in the local organic farms.

If you know of any other resources please share with us.