Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rawdah Setup :)

Here is how we have setup our "Rawdah" (Rawdah is our name for your HS/study room) to have our day run smoothly. I started this project at the beginning of this year. My goal was to only 20 minutes each day for the setup. The 20 minutes included setup and clean up so basically I was left with 15 productive minutes. Since I have other responsibilities (cooking, laundry, dish-washing and so on), these I can not ignore or have someone else look over. Due to which I only put aside 20 minutes to setting up the house and paying attention to details.

I still have a LOT of things to change and add, I will be sharing them as we along (InshaAllah). I have a dairy I have put aside in which I jot down ALL the ideas and thoughts that come to my mind, or come across in my blog hunting, or from a book. This way I don't have to worry about forgetting an idea or thought! and most of all my BRAIN gets lighter! I will inshaAllah post about this in detail. 

This is our final product so far, after many changes and days where I didn't do anything (for the setup because I put those 20 minutes to doing other things which I wanted to do or they were my priority). Talking about PRIORITY... I would like to share something, as much as I love/enjoy house decor and details in things...I do not want to make them my priority anymore! because this is not whats going to benefit us in long term. Meaning, ever since our HS decision this I have turned our direction (be'edhnillah) to focusing on the ourselves (more) and our children. Giving priority to Deen and the nurturing and education of our family. After this being said I would like to say that there is NOTHING wrong with doing things in a Ihsan  (beautiful/perfect) manner. Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: " Allah is beautiful and he loves beauty..." (full Hadeeth is mentioned below).

From 'Abdullaah Ibn Mas'ood (radiyallaahu 'anhu) who said that the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said, "No one will enter Paradise who has an atom's weight of pride in his heart." A man said, "What if a man likes his clothes to look good and his shoes to look good?" He said, "Allaah is beautiful and loves beauty. Pride means denying the truth and looking down on people."


  1. Mashallah it looks amazing, just like a real classroom! May Allah fill your time in with Barakah, Ameen!

  2. Assalam u alaikum

    I want to ask u from where u have got the blue plastic baskets?

    Have u visited fanateer shop for kids?


  3. @ Umm ZaKi, JazakaAllah hu khairan hun! I have changed it a lot since this pictures and constently move things around to find a more following setup. We might paint it next year, b/c the furniture is too dark for a classrroom setup! I like white but its TOO expensive!

  4. @ Ummi Subhana, I got them from Canada last year, they have them at the Dollar store, I believe it was a set of 2 or 4. I can't remember now. InshaAllah I'll be posting about some do-it-yourself baskets, I am working on them, inshaAllah you can try to make them as well, they are v easy.