Monday, March 28, 2011

Calendar Activity

This is what we do every day for the calendar activity.

  1. Put the date on and then say the date
  2. Sing the Days of the week
  3. EXERCISE to the months of Islam/year. In our highschool daycare we would do months of the year to "The Macarena" song, I asked a around about this from some students of knowledge and concluded that there is nothing wong with it as long as you are not doing it with the intention to dance. I decided to do it without telling AR anything about the "Macarena". I simply just say "Morning exercise" time. I have to say that MASHAALLAH he memorized both sets of the months in 3 weeks with this great technique! now even H tries to imitate us.
  4. Recently we added the weather and seasons in Arabic and English.

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