Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beautiful words

Beautiful words from a little girl's mouth. I love the Emaan this girl has MashaAllah at such a small age!! May Allah strength her eman with her age and make her a sadaqah Jariyah for her parents (ongoing charity). MashaAllah it shows her parents efforts, may Allah accept their efforts and reward them endlessly and truly make their kids coolness for their eyes. I am in love with her Dua she gave to the Ummah "I pray the the Ummah shines soo bright the people go blind" AMEEN AMEEN AMEEN!! to your dua khadeejah! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

I pray to Allah that He gives us tawfeeq (ability) to be parents who are able to instill love of Allah and His Rasool and His boo. May He make us ALL humans who strive collectively to seek His pleasure and "Hayatut Tayibah" A pure goodly life" Ameen!!

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