Monday, April 25, 2011

Train track letters

Letter practice using train tracks. We used AR's train track set we bought him last year for Eid-ul-fitr and made letters with it. I showed him that if he connected the tracks in different ways they make things, shapes and letters. He was thinking so hard to figure how to connect the tracks to form letters, it was really nice mashaAllah. We also practiced letter tracing using the trains. We also had H trace the letters and make them/break them with us, however she was more interested in breaking then making. :)


  1. this is super cute mashallah! i showed yusuf and hes like amazed lol...
    yusuf wants me to write a msg for AR:
    asalamualikum abdurrahman. whats your sisters name? how did you make your train track? thats it. salam.


  2. MashaAllah, what a nice idea. We do have train tracks but they are pretty wide.
    Hope to see more creative ideas in your blog sis.

  3. @ Aasiya, it was great to teach the shapes of the letters

    AR @ Yusuf: walikumasalam yusuf, Hanan (he actually said Hananu begam). I dont know, but I can tell him when I meet him in Canada. (he also added) I will use zakariyas train track to tell him. (he is saying) Yusuf imagine how we made it. (I don't know what thats suppose to mean but it sounded cute)

    LOL! inshaAllah they will make good friends this time, remember that time when ibby was born and I came over. LOL they were acting so funny and silly!

  4. LOL at the convo between Yusef and AR- love how AR included Zakariyas train track!

    This is a super cute and creative idea Mashallah!

  5. Assalamo alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

    Subhanallah! Now this is one of the things and I say why didn't I think of that! Tell AR he did a good job Mashallah Tabarakallahq!