Thursday, April 28, 2011

DIY / GIY storage bins

Living in Saudi Arabia I really realized the value of recycling and decomposing facilities that are available in the west. I pray they implement this over here too soon inshaAllah! Although, however, with the recycling system we also tend to recycle a lot of stuff that we can easily re-use one way or another. Today, I will share with you, how I have reused / up-cycled sturdy boxes from things we bought and turned them into storage solutions and homes for varies items. Its always convenient, easy for children and their Baba! to access items when they know where something belongs, keep things from mixing and getting lost.

You will need:
  • Recyclable boxes of different sizes
  • Scissors
  • Contact paper or fabric. We used fabric contact role, which cost us about $7 for a giant role. I was not too particular about the color and design, because the nice design ones were TOO expensive.
  • A pen for marking
  • Decorative ribbons and flowers (optional)
This is a great way to instill eco-consciousness in children as well from a young age. everything doesn't need to be bought. They can even personalize their own storage bins.

For the steps... I will let the pictures do most of the talking.


  1. Mashallah! Good job. Keep at it, it's a lot of fun. We've done this too from time to time. One of my favorite ones was for Lil Muallim # 1's toys. We even drew on the covers and personalized it. Once we also covered a cocoa container (cylinder) with collage using colored bits of paper. There are so many other ideas guess I'll have to blog about this too!

  2. Indeed, there are a lot of things you could do with recycling and decomposing objects. Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

  3. Reduce, Reuse, Recyle!

    I love doing this myself as well. The coolest part is that you appreciate it much more because you put effort into as well.