Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jummah special tent

We bought this Igloo tent for my friend's boys during this break, but turns out they already had one! So, she insisted that we keep it for the kids if they don't have one (which they didn't). We ended up keeping it and I thought it would be a nice Jummah special treat. We ended up opening it on Thursday because the kids discovered it. lol.

The kids LOVED it, they really enjoyed it Alhumdulillah. I was thinking of making it his nook but its too big for the Rawdah so we kept it in their playroom. I have great idea for the nook but it will be a LONG time till I actually come around it.


  1. aww tents are awesome! someone gave yusuf one for his aqeeqah and four yrs later hes still in LOVE with it lol... i put it away once in a while n when i take it out again its so exciting for him.. and now ibby too :)

  2. i got this from the resource library once.. it was so much fun and cool cuz you can make your own designs... .. ive seen it at winners.. its about $50.

  3. I like the idea of putting it away! lol its like new for them when it comes out. JazakaAllah hu khairan I think I might do that too.

    Yeah, I remember you posted about it. I liked it so much so I looked up for it and found it at toysrus US, its about $40. We will be getting in summer inshaAllah.

    JKK 4 the comments :P <3

  4. I loooooved tents even as a kid!

    They are the coolest toys ever. I cant wait to play with it when you guys come- you totally have to bring it Inshallah!

  5. LOL @ Umm Z, I dont know if we'll be bringing it back hun! I am getting over backed already!