Saturday, October 8, 2011

These colorful kids size chairs were our Jummah special last Friday for the kids. The kids simply loved them. Both of them are really enjoying sitting with us on their own chairs in the living room. AR just sat on it with his book for 20 minutes, on the other hand H was too busy trying to sit on it in different positions :).

We had been looking for something nice for kids to sit on in the living room which is their size. These chairs are just perfect and exactly what we had been looking for. The best part about these chairs is, they can easily be upholstered to a fabric of choice. For now we are going to keep the colorful fabric until it gets dirty.

I think its important to have some furniture in the house that is a good kid friendly size. A lot of time we pay too much attention to what we want in the house and less to what the kids will enjoy having in the house and what would be appropriate for their size.

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