Saturday, October 29, 2011

Big girl!

Last week, while AR was gone to school, I did my usual morning routine with H. After that I went to do the house chores for a bit, usually when I do that H normally plays around me, we talk and recite and sing nasheeds and nursery rhymes. On Monday however, H decided to stay in the Rawdah, after about 15 to 20 mins of silence I thought I should check on her.

So I did... and mashaAllah she surprised me with THIS...
Yes...MashaAllah she made the train track all by herself. Also attempted to puzzles at the back. Apparently this was not the first time. When I told my husband he said she did this in last month too, I was not aware of it. We were proud of her little achievement.

I strongly believe when toys and educational equipment is accessible to kids, it gives them more opportunity to learn. Kids tend to learn better when they have the freedom to explore their environment. As parents its our duty to try our best to make the environment safe for them. It's really important to teach kids and supervise them. However, it's as important to give them an unsupervised learning experience. This teaches them to be independent, confident and gives them a sense of responsibility and trust.

YES, at times this unsupervised learning can be messy, but that's okay. Simply in a calm voice just ask the child to help you clean-up, and most of the times they will be more then willing too. 

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