Saturday, October 15, 2011

A beautiful reminder!

In the recent years we have heard a lot of talks about what is happening around us, our homes, people, envoirnment, and children, most of which are tangilbe. We/others can see them and  feel them, therefore we are easily pulled to focus on them. On contrary our inner state, our soul, is intangible and we tend to very easily forget about it. The only one who knows about our inner state is us and Allah SWT.  We often find ourselves too busy trying to appear clean and neat, watching out for what our bodies consume and what's in our environment. We are too busy with purifying/cleaning/cleansing our external and in that busy process we conveniently neglect our internal purification/cleaning/cleansing. What is this internal purification?? The Purification of our Souls and Hearts.

It's VERY important to remember that as Muslims all our outward actions are always a means to our inward purification. The actions we do with our limbs (tangible) leave a lasting effect on our hearts and souls. Let us be true to ourselves... and accept that a LOT of times we tend to focus souly on our external on the expense of our inward. A good example of this could be, we delay our prayers to the LAST moment in order to complete a (tangible) task at hand.

Salah (prayer) is one of the first steps to purifying oneself internally. So if we try to perfect our Salah our internal soul will inevitably be purified and be at peace. Salah purifies us in many ways from sins, evil thoughts, diseases of hearts, and helps us attain the pleasure of Allah SWT, which should be our primary focus.

There is no harm in focusing on the external, what needs to be understood is that the outward actions are only a means to obeying Allah SWT, and attaining His pleasure. We have to purify our intention for every act we do. Salah is one thing that lets us connect to Allah SWT, when we say Takbeer Ihram {Allahu Akbar} we cut ourselves from this duniya and focus only on Him Azawajllah. We should always be mind full of Him, pause here for a second and ask yourselves...How many times is that the case with us in this fast paced lifestyle we have adapted.

Is there anything wrong with purifying/cleaning/cleansing our external? No, absolutely not.  Allah SWT says in the Quran "Allah Loves those who purify themselves" {9:108}. Prophet Muhammad SAW said: "Purification is half of Faith" {Muslim}. What we have to remember is that these purifications also refer to the internal cleanse, the cleanse of our soul and heart.

Let us try to perfect our Salah and focus more on our inward then outward... and you will be AMAZED to see how Allah SWT makes all your outward/external matters fall into the right place.

This is a small and beautiful reminder a friend had posted, which provoked a lot of these thoughts in my mind and heart. Lets us try to treat Salah as our getaway from this duniya and not a chore of our fast paced life. Lets us run after Allah SWT and not this duniya. Let us be Dynamic in our Salah!

As our beloved Prophet SAW said "...coolness of my eyes is in prayer". I ask Allah SWT to make the coolness of our eyes the prayer as well and not this duniya and its fame. Ameen.

I have a game plan to try to perfect my Salah inshaAllah, I want to make short but consistent goals with the permission of Allah SWT. I'll let you all know inshaAllah.

What are you going to do to perfect your Salah? Please share and let others benefit as well.

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