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Hajj Holistic checklist

Kaba in Ihram for the Hajj! 2010 
Here we come Allah, here we come....

"In the blistering bright rays of the sun, amongst the arid grimy sand dunes of a faraway place, no traces of life could be seen. There was only a barren land filled with emptiness. The blurry horizon spread from east to west. Apart from the dry whistle of the bristly wind, a cry could be heard echoing in the distance. What could it be…?
A closer look reveals a beautiful baby boy left lying on the scorching sand under the heat of the sun, lips shrivelled, tears pouring profusely down his swollen eyes. His cry is pleading for help, but where is his mother…?
Not too far away, amongst the rocky hills, another isolated sound can be heard - the voice of a woman gasping for breath as she runs from one mountain to another searching for any signs of life. Alone, bare footed and wounded her tired feet drag her back and forth a distance of more than 450 metres each way in the hope that she can find water or someone who can come to her child’s desperate aid.…" 
These beautifully put words are of Shurma Chowdhury a writer from saudilife. They are so clear in explaining the story behind Hajj. 
The month of Zul-Hajj is almost here. Millions of people around the world are preparing  to leave for this beautiful and the most memorable journey of their lives. Some have already reached Masjid al-Haram or Masid Nabawi. People will be coming from different circumstances, some have saved up all their lives and NOW they get to do Hajj when they are old. All rich and poor, old and young, weak and strong, big and small ALL will unit in one place to perform the Hajj.  "...there is no reward for Hajj mabroor except Paradise" {Al Bukhari}
Hajj preparation for most of people start right when they get the invitation from Allah SWT. If one has the intention one could get rewarded for each of ones steps towards Masjid al-Haram by Allah SWT's Mercy.
InshaAllah in this post and the next I will be sharing with you a few things. Such as, a Hajj holistic checklist some Hajj resources and some Ahadeeth {Prophetic sayings} and Aayat {Quranic verses}. Things to do for those not performing Hajj.

1.  Magic Soap - Its a pure castile soap by Dr.Bronner. The one you have to purchase is the Unscented Baby Mild one. Since being a Muhrim {pilgram} it is not permissible to use anything scented. The good thing about this soap is that it can be used for ALL purposes. For example, washing hand, face, body, hair, brushing your teeth, laundry, cleaning you house or in the case of Hajj your surroundings. We use it when we are in ihram for the whole family. This will also decrease you luggage load, you will put 10 things in one bottle!

2. Fragrance free hand and body lotion by Desert essence

3. Crystal body deodorant stone - Its safe and fragrance free, click here to read more. This can be found in different brands like pure & natural crystal and also in travel sizes as well.

4.  Essential oils - These would be  a good chose to protect yourself from getting sick or catching a flu, since you will be exposed to people from all around the world. These will inshaAllah help stimulate your immune system and help fight any bacteria entering you with the permission of Allah SWT! 
  • Lavender oil - relaxing (works great for jet lag), protects from flu and cold, antiseptic, even by smelling the oil.
  • Tea tree oil - powerful antiseptic and immune stimulator. Its known to be great for cough, cold sores, infected wounds, cuts, and insect bits.
  • Lemon grass oil - air refresher and purifier, great for headaches.
  • Eucalyptus oil - Useful for muscular pains, insect bites and insect repellent.
  • Sandalwood oil - for sore throats, earaches and cough with mucus.
  • Peppermint oil - for fatigue, headaches, digestive system, and muscular pains
Each of these have many other therapeutic uses but these are just to name some that are more relevant. Even if you're not able to get all try to at least get lavender, tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus oils. 

Note: DO NOT use essential oils straight, they are very concentrated and potent,  so they should be diluted at the ratio of 2 to 3 drops essential oil to every 10ml of 100% pure carrier oils such as almond, avocado, calendula, rosehip, grape-seed  aloe vera and jojoba oils. ALSO, keep in mind that these are scents and fragrance is NOT permissible in the state of ihram, so you should use them in a diffuser (buy a cheap one you can dispose there) and a couple of candles. Using them in the diffuser will give you its benfits as well, use it at night when you are sleeping until you are no longer in ihram. Ones out of the state of ihram then you can add them to your creams or oils at the same ratio. REMEMBER to dilute that are high concentrate. 

5.  Homeopathy first-aid kit -  Pack your remedies in small zip-locks with labels of each remedy. Zip-locks are light weight and don't take much space. 

    Essential Remedies

    1. Aconite 30
    2. Chamomile 30
    3. Ferrrum Phosphorus 6x
    4. Gelsimium 30
    5. Nux Vomica 30
    6. Carbo Vegetabilis 30
    7. Arnica Montana 30
    8. Kali Mur 6x
    9. Aloe 30
    10. Rhus Tox 30
    11. Lycopodium 30

6.  Accupressure - It's a great pain reliever and has some other benefits as well, such as natural labor induction (I was using acupressure points to induce natural labor for H's pregnancy after the 39th week and during labor as a pain reliever). You can look up on Google or ask a professional about pain different pain relief points.
These are somethings that will inshaAllah help Pilgrims to take the most out of there Hajj experience and Ebadaat (worships). This will with the permission of Allah SWT help us all stay in good health instead of being drowsy and droopy. It's important to remember that NOTHING can benefit you or harm you with out the permission of Allah All Mighty, and these are just means, really protection and relief is ONLY in His Power. So take the means and put your trust in Him.

Some of you asked where you can find this stuff. 

North America 
  • Whole foods
  • Other health food stores
    • Nature's Source
    • Olive Tree Organics
    • Green Health Foods (these are just to name some there are 100s more!)
  • Organic planet
  • Target
  • Loblaws
  • Health Food store
  • Organic stores
  • Holland and Barrett
  • Evergreen health foods
Gulf Region
  • Order from online from anywhere in the world...you will need an address
  • You can also find them at uae.souq.com/home.php 
  • Check for foreign natural product stores
Hajj Mabroor wa Saee Mashkoor!
“...And proclaim unto mankind the Pilgrimage. They will come unto thee on foot and on every lean camel; they will come from every deep ravine....” (Surah Al-Hajj, 22: 27)


  1. Assalaamu Alaikum sis

    Really helpful Alhamdulillaah. Are all these products available in the gulf?

  2. Walikumasalam wr wb

    well from my reaserach and experience, I have bumped into a few of these things a few times in Riyad and Jeddah. I am not sure about the whole gulf region. However I know you can find ALL this online and order it to where ever you are (almost), as long as you have an address. Also you can find almost all of them at uae.souq.com/home.php . Hope this helps :). I should add this info to the post lol.

    btw where are you located??

  3. Jazzakillaah Khayr sis for the info. We are in Qatar Alhamdulillaah!