Saturday, January 22, 2011

Transportation Theme

Another all time favorite of AR...transportation. We were not able to take that many pictures but here is a list of things we did.
  • We have a really nice Discovery Children's Encyclopedia that we used to learn different ways we go from one place to another.
  • learned about different vehicles
  • we divided his transportation toys in the 4 categories  
    • In the Air    
    • on the road
    • on the track
    • on the water
  • his all time favorite...... CAR Painting!! 
  • we used his cars and made tire tracks on play dough
origami airplane

We made a wooden boat toy his dadi had given him when he was a toddler. I had saved it to use it when he was a bit older and now was the perfect time.

We made a origami boat

He made a pretend neighborhood on a carpet his phoopoo(aunt) had given him, using different vehicles he had in the right places.

This was something really new for him that Hospitals have helicopters of emergency...he was amazed to learn that.

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