Saturday, January 22, 2011

Little man's little help!

So recently I have been getting some Help from our little man in the household chores! Alhumdulillah he loves helping out. For the past two months he has been helping me wash dishes! Initially I would wash all the big, sharp and glass things and then he would do all their plastic dishes and the silverware (we have the ikea children set).

For him I put water in a bowl and added a few drops of dish-washing soap with lemon and orange wedges in it (to make it less strong someone had told my mom this). I will be looking up on a homemade dish-washing soap for him inshaAllah

Just recently he has been saying mama I don't want to wash small things (meaning the silverware). So I decided to make a small chore chart for him, which I will be posting soon, the reason why I chose to do this was because I was feeling that he was losing interest in helping out. I don't want that to happen inshaAllah, I want to give him some responsibility so he learns that in life we have to do things sometimes even if we don't feel like doing them. Be'edhnillah. His chores are very simple and age appropriate but they will be consistent rather than being whenever he feels like it he helps out!

Since our little man is still under training, he takes his time washing the dishes. Meanwhile I either clean the rest of the kitchen or just take a break! I don't leave him alone however.

Give it a try with your children, children love playing with water so why not get them to help with water!!

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