Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ocean and Sea Animals

 AR loves sea creatures, especially whales, dolphins and sharks! This weeks theme was lots of fun Alhumdulillah
  • We learned about the 5 oceans
  • Many different animals that Allah has put in the ocean
  • Nani Amma had given him a really nice sea creatures book set...we read that.(I'll try to post a picture of it...its a great buy!)
  • We made a matching sheet for the names and the animals

Since there is dessert around Tabuk we can get clean sand very easily. I just let him have fun with the sand and his sea creatures.
We had bought him these sea animals for eid last year from Marine Land we took those out and learned there names

We added sand in the jar and some leaves, some shells and his scuba diver.

then added water and a blue bath coloring tablet I had bought from Winners in Summer. We added salt to it as well... and our ocean was ready. (I emptied it after 2 days because I was scared it would break and i didn't have a clear plastic container)

Then we used a BIG bowl to make a bigger ocean

We added some red and blue to our orange, yellow and white play-dough we had and it gave a us big green play-dough. we made sea animal prints and foot prints on it.

His set had 4 different species of turtles. We looked on the Internet and SubhanAllah they were all different colours and shell shapes of turtles.

some of his favorite sea creatures from play dough. AR loves dolphins because they don't bite!! like sharks and whales do!

He called this "My wild animal Jungle" I love the way the sea horse is standing....(notice our animals heads are chopped off...we still have to figure something out for the sea animals since they are too small!)

We played on the kitchen floor with the sand, Alhumdulillah from the many uncountable bounties that Allaah has given us... our big house is one of them...This is Alhumdulillah such a great blessing for me when it comes to play space for both the kids and their HSing.

Origami Frog

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