Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hiifz Tree

I have been wanting to keep a log for AR's Hifz and Dua memorizing. So here is what we decided to do for his Quran hifz. This idea popped in my mind after I saw a Juz Amma hifz tree on Muslim Stickers. I would love to have it but I don't have any ways of getting it until the summer. So I decided to make our own hifz tree!!
We made a tree out of construction paper and stuck it on his wall in his room.

We will write the names of the surahs on these little foam clouds InshaAllah

Still thinking of some creative way to log his duas. Please share how you keep a log of your children's memorization.


  1. Your tree looks so cute Mashallah. This is what we do

  2. Assalamulikum wr wb...

    Yeah the muslim stickers tree is really nice... but I was not able to get it right away so we just made it ourself. MashaAllah your blog is amazing, I tried to leave a comment but it woudl not let me. I would love to try the oil, water and salt experiment with AR inshaAllah.

    some visit us again :)