Sunday, November 22, 2015

Positive Discipline - Online Course

Positive Discipline is offering an online course in January called - Discipline with influence. Ruth Baffin is the founder of Positive Discipline, she is a woman full of wisdom and great advice. Don't miss this opportunity.

Studying online at home is a good way to learn in you own comfort zone and at your own pace in some cases. However, it comes with its own challenges, for some people it is the issue self motivation and consistence because "no one is watching". One simple solution for that is, try taking the course with other mom(s) or husband, split the cost and meet once a week for 7 weeks (or other duration) and benefit from it together inshaAllah. Doing it together in a group also opens up new topics of discussion and ideas.

Do benefit from the opportunity!

Enjoy Peaceful Parenting!

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