Sunday, November 15, 2015

A New Beginning...

Doha, Qatar - downtown
We recently moved to Doha, Qatar, (Alhumdulillah - all praise is for God), a lot of settling in to do and adjustment for all of us. Its not too hot right now so we get a lot of chance to go out and explore.

When we got here we only had 4 suitcases each which mainly had clothes and hygiene products and some books. Since I didn't have much to be very crafty with them, I decided to use the resources we have around us and the books we had with us. I made a quick draft of how I wanted to establish rhythm in our day once again, and got at it! Alhumdulillah so far its going well. We have our spontaneous days too where we drop the books and go outside. We have also taken our books out and studied on grass under the blue sky in fresh air.

Doha has been a nice place so far Alhumdullilah. We continue to ask Allah SWT to bless this place for us and bring khair and only khair for us from this part of the world. And unite us with righteous company. Ameen

Many beautiful views and a very diverse and welcoming community, they say Doha is only 20% Qatari's and 80% foreigners. It will be a very different experience then living in Canada and Saudi, We are looking forward to it.

Missing friends, family sisterhood, TMH and fall in the Canada immensely though.

Souq Waqif, opposite to Fanar Masjid

3D painting, kids saw the painters work on it over a span of a week.

Sheridan Hotel, known to be the first major hotel, been around for over 30 years.

Night time boat glamour!

Fanar Masjid

Abdul Wahaab Masjid - Main Masjid of Doha

Doha Skyline :)

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