Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nature Nurtures Learning

The last few months we have been living out of hotel rooms, Alhumdulillah. It is awesome to have room service, and I feel like I am getting too spoiled by it. However, it can sometimes get quite cramped for the 5 of us in a tiny space, especially for the children. So we try to keep as many outdoor activities as possible, and not burdensome for any of us. One of the things we have been taking outdoors are our books!

We have a nice park by our hotel, we take our books there and stay put a good 2 to 3 hours. The kids play and learn at the same time. They have grown in their cognitive abilities, behavior, in learning and understanding new concepts, each other and the world around them. How things around them are constantly changing naturally and so are we. They're not just doing their daily lessons but also observing and learning from their surroundings and the beauty in what He has created with astonishing perfection.

We have always enjoyed the nature, being in the wild, forests and falls of Canada and United States to the desserts and beaches of Arabia. We love it all! Kids and adults both benefit and flourish in nature. It connects us in a unique way to The Creator, and puts one in a state of Awe in His Signs, as one reflects. All this love for nature was taken to another level when I read "I love Dirt" By Jennifer Ward. And just recently "Last child in the woods"

I leave you with poster and the above quote from the book "Last child in the woods"


  1. I love learning outside... something Ill def miss this winter!

  2. I love learning outside... something Ill def miss this winter!

  3. Mash Allaah. I'm only hsan eightyear old but lm afraid she's falling behind as we relocated from three countries as well. What do you advise?