Monday, March 3, 2014

Life with a baby

Alhumdulillah  for older siblings and their tiny helpful hands.  Mashaa-Allah every  morning AR volunteers to feed baby S while I do some kitchen work.  And for some odd reason S is always more excited to eat with bhiya then Mama anyways.

I wanted to share some nutritious quick and easy baby food recipes ideas and tips. I puree fruits and veggies weekly and freeze them in ice cubes trays. I don't freeze any grains or seeds. Baby food is a great way to involve kids, they love blenders and pouring.

Every morning first thing I do is in a small pot I put 2 tablespoons of either organic brown rice, hulled millet (I use hulled because it's a lot quick and easier to cook), quinoa or brown rice flakes. While I prepare breakfast for the rest of the family the seeds are fully cooked. I just add a cube from the freezer of the puree while it's still warm, and it's ready to be served to our little man.

As he is getting older he is not interested in puree foods, he wants more texture and boiling fresh grains  and seeds adds that.  Sometimes I toss fresh fruit or veggies while the seeds still boiling and just mashed it slightly with a potato  masher.

I have done this all three of my kids and all of them have different reactions and tastes. So it important  to change things around depending  on individual  child's needs. These are no just easy to make but frugal too.

Here's our fresh pear and organic millet breakfast with a dash of organic cinnamon powder from this morning.

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