Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DIY - word family house.

This year our main lessons have revolved around writing and reading year (not reading and writing).  We approached literacy this way because  this is how AR liked and enjoyed it. Plus that is how language evolved, through storytelling, writing and then reading. Alhumdulillah, AR has gotten good at writing (still learning) and now reading... He has written many of his own small books and really enjoys reading them. 

Recently  I introduced word families in an interactive way to see if he would be interested in them.  He totally loved them. I just leave them out in a bin on the table and he just picks them up randomly and tries to play and read the words.

Here is the link to these great interactive word family houses. And the second picture is from a book I just had to cut and color them.

How and when did you introduce literacy to your little ones? Please share in comments.

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