Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Nature Table

Our summer nature table. Felt Garland AR insists on putting around the table.

We have a table set in the Rawdah as our nature table. Mostly, we use it for seasons but since we don't have all season here we also use it as a general nature table where the kids put things on it from our nature walks, or anything that reminds them of Allah SWT and His creation.

Nature table's are a great way to let kids explore Allah SWT's creation and the beauty He has add in everything thing He has created. 

Some yummy sweet and juicy hand picked apricots by the kids from a farm field trip we had with a some families a few days ago.

Extra large figs, also hand picked from a farm. Felt strawberries I had made as a their Jummah special for food play.

We also have sea shells and corals that the kids have collected on their beach trips. MashaAllah we have a HUGE colletion of some amazing looking shells.


  1. Very Nice , A beautiful way to remember the trips too!

  2. Assalamoa laikum,
    Ramadan Mubarak......
    Mashallah,it looks so nice. Your strawberries look so cute Mashallah. The pink garland does add a grand look to the table. Oh and I have never seen such big figs... must be so yummy Subhanallah!