Friday, June 1, 2012

A day at the Farm

Farms are a great place to visit for the whole family. Every one can find something of their interest. They are full of signs from Allah SWT. I feel whenever we step outdoors and explore the nature; the sandy and rocky beaches, the gardens, the farms, the mountains which were hidden under the deep oceans centruies ago, the desserts filled with sand dunes or even just staring at the blue sky that fills with twinkling stars at night... you can't avoid feeling The Power and Might of the One who created this all. SubhanaAllah!! These are indeed signs for those who have reflect, as Allah SWT reminds us again and again in the Quran.

We recently visited another farm with my parents and my brother's family, who were over for a stay. We thought it would be nice to try to go together and take all the kids (mashaAllah 6 of them) for old times sake. The kids have visited farms 4 to 5 times together, all over the world. It was a wonderful day... except I came home with red bulging eyes, sneezing and runny nose, it was an awful allergy attack. Alhumdulillah much better now.

Here's a sneak peak of our Farm adventure.

Figs are in season!! If you have ever eaten fresh figs you will know how addictive they are!

Yum! almost ripe.
Fuzzy peaches.
They were so sweet and ripe, we practically had dinner with them!

Pomegranate flower and buds which turn into Pomegranate. Did you know Pomegranate flowers make really delicious tea?

Under the shade of grape vines... Reminded me of how in Jannah Allah SWT says the fruit will be hanging  from above us and we will just reach out to eat it. 

Baby Dates 
Wheat fields
In love with the goats and sheep! She kept Maa-ing and Baa-ing with them.
Kids feeding the goats. They also got to pet a baby lamb.


  1. MashaAllah a great post ukhti! I love exploring the outdoor with my kids too! And mashaAllah for the 6 kids! May Allah bless you all, and make you all residents of the Jannah with all its fruits & blessings.
    From another Umm Abdur-Rahman :)

    1. Ameen to your dua. Jazakillahu khairan for such sweet words, your visit and your comment :)