Friday, February 24, 2012

Syria - you are in our duas

Bismillah, All Praise be to Allah Azawajallah

Assalamualikum wa rahmatullahe wa barakathu, 

As most of you know we live in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. The Tabuk region touches the borders of what is known as Bilad al Sham, which included Syria. Syria is about a few hours away from Tabuk... the situation of Syira in the past weeks has deeply affected the people of this region. Knowing that we are so close to our helpless brothers, sisters and children is a very painful feeling. 

I feel its very important to share these things and feelings with our children. Its important to remind them (and ourselves before them) of the uncountable blessings Allah swt has given us and our families and at this moment protection and peace is a great Nia'am(blessing) we have. We shouldn't forget that if Allah swt wills He can test us any moment. We shouldn't feel safe and heedless of what is happening around us. Living here in the middle east, so close to all the wars happening around us is to some extent scary, but nevertheless a great reminder...that has really helped me move on/away from the petty things of this temporary life.

If we can from within ourselves feel the suffering and hardships our Muslim brothers and sisters have been and are going through, only than can we help our children feel their pain and suffering. There are so many things we can do with our children to show them the importance of this matter at hand. Tell them about whats happening in Syria, show them some videos (appropriate ones according to their age) of whats happening. Its also a great time to teach them about what the importance of the Bilad al Sham is in Islam. This history of what Sham was and is. Show them where Syria is on the map (We posted a map in the family room to see and remind ourselves and our children of whats happening n Syria). Collect money with them to send to Syria. And most of all ask them to make dua for them, children are pure and innocent, they are free from sin, Allah azawajaAllah will hear their duas against this tyrant and his army and will destroy his just as He has destroyed the previous tyrant and their nations. We need to inform ourselves first and for most so we can inform our children. (Below i have added some recent Khutbahs and lectures done on Syria - please take time and listen to them and share them with friends and family too)

My beloved brothers and sisters, I am not a scholar, I am not as knowledgeable as some of you. BUT, I am woman...and it cuts my heart to hear of another Muslim sister and girl being raped my her own brother in Islam. I am mother and a daughter... and the thought of having a my child die with thulm (injustice) shakes my soul. I am also a wife and a sister...its hurts to see all the Muslims brothers being torched to death by their own brothers in Islam. (May Allah make the suffering of Syrian people come to end and grant those who are dead Shahadah martyrdom).

I wonder if this tyrant and his army would be considered in the fold of Islam or not..??? Allah knows best.

May Allah swt end the suffering of Syria. Destroy their enemies. Protect their women, men and children. AND let US take a lesson from it and not be heedless of the Aakhirah by getting too engrossed in this duniya and its temporary life. Ameen

- Umm Abdir-Rahman

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