Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Book Review - Letters, the alphabet in the natural world

Letters is a wonderful book with amazing really illustrations that chidlren of all ages (including parents) find very fascinating. We've had many different alphabet books for both our children but this eyelike book is just so unique in many ways.

Some amazing things you will find in all their books are:
  1. Colorful yet very subtle and cooling color choice.
  2. Photos and graphics are very natural and eye catching that even we enjoy the illustration. 
  3. Picture selection is very unique and rarely seen in other books. It so simple and the pages are not overcrowded or confusing for a child tiny mind.
  4. Helps increase your and your children's vocabulary and knowledge.
  5. The verses have a touch of humor and relates the pictures to each other in a very creative manner...it make the child think outside the box. 
Take a peek into this wonderful book. 

Check out more of their books here.

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