Friday, August 26, 2011

Jummah tul widah

Because Allah swt gave you the oppurtunity to witness another Jummah in the blessed month of Ramadan!

"If your copy of the Qur'an is worn out by now and falling apart, the chances are your life is being kept together with its barakah. Read!

This is one of those unique reminders in where we have the most blessed day of the week - Jumu'ah - in the most blessed month of the year - Ramadhan - and then realise that they are combined for the last time this hijri year 1432 and we won't get such a double blessing for another whole year. Perhaps we might not get even another chance to witness one!

Today shouldn't just be about reciting Surat'l-Kahf which is an absolute given on every Friday anyway. No, today your mus-haf (the physical copy of the Qur'an) should come under some serious heat and physical stress. Read it like there's no tomorrow! Start thumbing! Turn those pages!

Wallah you will never regret the hours you spend today and the next few days simply reciting these incredible words of Allah jalla wa 'ala. Don't worry too much if you don't understand the meanings or have enough time for reflection - now's the time to soak up the extra multiplied blessing of the huge rewards you receive for the recital of every single harf (letter). And I don't say to you that Alif-Laam-Meem is a harf, but I say to you as our beloved Prophet (s) said: Alif is a harf, Laam is a harf and Meem is a harf.

Hit the jackpot with mega-reciting today and onwards. Get that battered mus-haf and increase yourself in glory! Yalla!"

-Abu Eesa Niamatullah

My beloved friends value these few big days and nights, before they leave us with regret! This was a reminder that I truly needed!! and hope you all benefit from it as well. Make the most out of these few days, make dua for every single thing on your dua list every night because you might still get Layla tul Qadr! Wallahu A'alm. 

This Jummah don't forget to read MORE then Surah tul-Kahf! 


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