Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Effects of screen on children

Here is some scary information about how the brains of our little ones get effected by stuffing their faces in front of a screen (TV, Laptops, iphones, ipads) for a long  periods of time. Also how TV/technology effects our children's imagination and creativity, and what the best age for exposing them to a little bit of screen time. Some researchers say there shouldn't be an exposure to screens for young children until high-school age.

Children's Brain and Television

How young is too young to watch television?

Unplug Your Kids: What Kids Learn From TV

Classrooms without technology

The Media's Effects on Children

This video is just general  about media but very shocking!

Consuming Kids, Advertising world Part 1 of 7

This is a also a great documentary you might want to take time to watch about media and kids.


  1. may Allah (swt) bless you for this post today. i have a almost 2yr old boy who is watching cartoons online literally all day long and its my fault. i figured it would help him learning arabic also i use it to get stuff done around the house since i have no family in the country where i live and a husband who works long hours. but watching these videos mainly supported my opinion recently that i need to cut the cartoons out, let him play and other things inshallah.

  2. Bismillaah

    As Salaamu Alaikum

    I was fearful that my girls were into my laptop wayyyy too much. Even my husband was like he didn't want them staring at the screen first thing in the morning! I dont like it for myself and I don't like it for my children to be in front of the computer all day-
    Al-Hamdu lillaah the girls have been spending more time in school and playing.
    And just a random thought........but why does the Ronald McDonald one look creepy.....*shrugs* I didn't click on it to view...but the still picture just looks creepy ....

  3. @ Amirah- Ameen sister. I am glad the post was helpful. I can totally understand what you mean by no help, I live alone here as well (no family close by). So, putting the kids in-front of a screen seems to be the first thing that comes to our mind, because the house work is subhanaAllah endless! lol. Since your son is still young I would recommend that you don't put him in front of the screen at all...esp- because then he will develop a habit of wanting to watching cartoons. My son is almost 4, and he is only allowed less than an hour on front of the laptop (alhumdulillah ...He mostly watches, starfalls, practices typing*, educational games* and esp-paint program for Kids* Majd kids cartoons, Baba Ali for kids, BBC Planet Earth, BBC Life of the Birds and listens to nasheeds. (* These are AMAZING features that coem with Linux. I <3 them)

  4. Walikumasalam wr wb sister Umm Suhailah! Glad to hear that you girls are not on it much any more and spend more time playing.

    Yes, the documentary IS very creepy...but I would really recommend you watching it, it has some shocking info in it! but very much beneficial. I would sincerely advice you watch it. :) R Mcdonald...is creepy and his mission is creepier! Watch and let me know what you think...I will wait to hear from you.

  5. Bismillaah

    As Salaamu Alaikum

    Otay I'm on it- I'm about to watch it now via your page the first part- I will let you know what I think when I see it Inshaa'Allaah Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum

  6. Bismillaah

    You know what? I'm going to watch this tonight with my husband. I really like documentaries about things that I do normally everyday- so I will mos def watch Inshaa'Allaah. The last documentary I saw was called Food Inc. And that made me stop eating food that wasn't organic. Have you seen that?

  7. Bismillaah

    As salaamu alaikum

    I left you a comment but blogger must have deleted it. I'm watching part 1 now via your blog and I plan on watching it with my family Inshaa'Allaah. Have you heard of Food Inc? That was a good one about food...