Friday, February 19, 2016

Autoshow Doha Qatar 2016

Kids and I had a fun field trip to the Doha Autoshow 2016 and we really enjoyed. I am not a car crazy person, and nor do I  know much about them. So I handed the group leadership to AR, who gave us an awesome tour of the Autoshow and was a phenomenally patient guide.

It was a fun day Alhumdulillah and we really enjoyed and learned a lot. Really, we did! AR didn't just help us increase our knowledge about cars but I was amazed at how patiently he was explaining all the details to me and his sister. He taught me the real meaning of patience when teaching, MashaAllah. Oh and he literally interviewed every representer of each company/brand.

I feel children have much to offer and teach us if they are given the chance too and if we observe mindfully. Sadly though very so often we fail to do that.

Let's try to be more mindful parents!

Alhumdullilah had a wonderful time.

Interviewing the representer!

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