Sunday, April 27, 2014

Moment of Aww... & Doll stroller seat Redo

A couple of  months ago H's doll stroller seat ripped.  Since then she has been asking  for another stroller. So I decided to Redo the stroller seat instead of  buying another.  It literally cost $0 since I had all the supplies at home.

The reason  why I wanted to share this  was H's reaction to it.  Mashaa-Allah she was so happy to have her stroller seat back. What made the whole thing more wonderful was the smile of feeling  special she had on her face when I said  to her "I made this for you".  (this happens for everytime I make or do something for any one of them. And Yes! This goes for hubby too)
There is just something about "making/ doing"  things, clothes, food, duas, lessons, toys and much much more for your family. The feelings you get and give are so powerful that it makes you want to do it again and again. To blossom  the whole experience up even more it helps me by purifying my intentions only for Allah SWT.  I feel this gets me up and going / doing even on those days when I am feeling down. 

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  1. A really nice doll stroller. While going through your post, I though it would be a great idea for me to make some doll stroller videos for kids which include vintage elements, such as in your photoshoots, because some kids are really tired of electronical and too colorful toys.