Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Learning through real life

  "...‘How will they learn to read?’ you ask, and my answer is ‘Remember the lessons of Massachusetts.’ When children are given whole lives instead of age-graded ones in cellblocks, they learn to read, write, and do arithmetic with ease, if those things make sense in the kind of life that unfolds around them."

 – John Taylor Gatto

This has proven to be totally true for us. Mashaa Allaah on his on time and pace AR learned to write and read, and is still learning. He took his time to let things sink in and make sense to him. On the other hand H is already writing/copying letters and words wherever she sees them. Early learning is not our thing so I am just leaving it at that, not planning on pushing her into it.

Children learn on their on pace if they are provided the right environment to promote imagination, be creative and explore. They need boundaries to feel secure, they need us adults to show them how and what to do, they love to imitate. They look up to us to see how we deal with challenges of life and take on a positive role in our homes and communities. They need to see us turning again and again to Allah SWT and not to people when a difficulty arises. They need to see us following the sunnah, worshiping our Lord and reading the Quran, to know that this is what is most important in our lives... THIS is the purpose of our creation.

                     And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.

Every  child should be given the freedom to learn on their on pace.... learning and gaining knowledge is like the vast oceans, the deeper one goes the more amazing things one finds and learns. Learning should not be restricted to books, and classrooms (although these are great and beneficial)... we can learn a lot without them too.

- We ask You O Allaah to protect our families for any evil in this World and the Hereafter, and to make them great thinkers and make us of those who fear You due to knowledge. Ameen.

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