Thursday, September 13, 2012

DIY: Felt Bean Bags

I made these bean bags for us to play different games. They are great for outdoors and indoors. They are super simple and fun to make. It's a great feeling to see your child play with something that's especially handmade  for them. The kids love the way they feel and the little sound it makes when its moved. We used felt, but they can be made with other fabrics as well. Hope you enjoy making them for your little ones.

Here's what you'll need:

Felt in assorted colors
Strong thread or embroidery floss
(Optional: Sewing machine if you don't want to hand stitch the pieces together.)

Once you have all the supplies cut 2 pieces of felt in the shape you would like your bean bags to be. Then start stitching the side using the blanket stitch (I really like the way it looks on the finished bean bag). Before closing the bag fill it with rice/beans/ lentils and then stitch it close.

Here are some fun things that can be done with bean bags.
  1. Balancing game - walking with the bean bag on the head, we count, say our letters, Haroof and recite while playing our balancing game.
  2. Bean Bag toss - in baskets or in a scoring bean bag toss we made from a cardboard box.
  3. Pass the bean bag in a circle - we made up a few fun ways to do the passes
  4. Played catch the bean bag
  5. We passed them saying colors in English and Arabic. Its a great for color recognition.
  6. Counting by 2s, 5s, 10s can be made fun too with bean bags.

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