Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY: Kid's doll sling

A few months ago I made H this baby sling for her dolls, at first she didn't understand it but when I made one for AR and she saw him using it she started enjoying it a lot more. Its a super easy and fun project to do for our girls. I stitched this one with a pattern I have made myself. I also really like this easy tutorial at Progressivepioneer for a different style of a sling, maybe I'll give it a try when H is a bit older.

The whole thing cost $0! I used scraps left over from some other projects. The printed part is cotton and the black is jersey.

I have always wanted one of these baby wraps with both my babies but they were just too out of budget for us both times. Plus we got 3 of those backpack carriers, so we just used that despite the fact I did't really like them. Now that its so worn out, we might get this wrap. Simply love them! I love how the baby has such closeness to the mother/parent compared to the backpack carriers.

Has anyone used one of these baby wraps? How was your experience with them?


  1. actually madiha bought this and showed me... i wanted to get one but i thought it was way overpriced so i borrowed hers, measured it and went to fabric land to find a similar material and made my own.. it was super easy and worked just as well! i love this wrap.. its super comfy for both momma and baby!

  2. That's a great idea I was thinking of doing this too, if it turns out cheaper. I asked the store here for this jersey fabric and it was too expensive. I was going to check US or Canada, but now I guess I'll just buy it since you are saying it was much cheaper. I remember seeing you where it with Yusuf in Alhuda.