Monday, December 19, 2011

Eight Principles for Inspired Mothering

by Rahima Baldwin Dancy

1. We need to accept who we are and build up the support we need.
2. We need fathers to be actively involved with children.
3. We need a true understanding of children and their world.
4. We need to trust the natural process of development and not interfere with it.
5. We need to trust ourselves and our children and to let go of guilt.
6. We need to trust our children as individuals.
7. We need to value our parenting.
8. We need to value our home making.

We are our children's first home, which then expands to include life as it unfolds in the physical house or apartment. When we have children, we are creating a home willy-nilly. The more attention, awareness and creativity we can put into the process, the more home life can become a platform that effectively supports every member of the family, including ourselves.

This is true, short and sweet, and valuable. Something we can all try to implement in our lives. Checkout more interesting and beneficial reads by her here.

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