Thursday, February 24, 2011


Every week we will be covering one prophet. I am trying to cover them in sequence, starting from Adam (a.s), but if he wants to pick one of his choice, we will cover that one. This is what we will be doing, bi'eznillah hi ta'ala.

  1. Read with the story of the prophet.
  2. Plan a craft/activity or two from the story
  3. Lesson/gem from the story for the children and myself
  4. Few questions about the prophet and the main incidents of his life. (I don't want to make him memorize the answers but just go over them with me a few times during the week.)
  5. Make the prophetic tree to teach the order of the prophets, we will add one every week.
InshaAllah, this is the outline for how we will be covering the prophets.  I am really excited to do the crafts about each story with the kids.

Any suggestion for as to what else we can add to our list.

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